Sennheiser HD 300 Over-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser HD 300 Over-Ear Headphones



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Great sound, good price

Feb 10, 2020

I already have a Sennheiser headphone, but it's been 4 years (also from B&H), and it has gotten loose and some of the black leather-ette has come off (still sounds good), so it was time for another, same great brand. Went back to B&H, not in person, but this time online using the app. Received package to my p.o. box. Sound is great as expected, stereo prevalent, seems almost noise-canceling. Happy with these aspects. The vinyl seems better than l... Show More

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Getting used to new headphones

Feb 1, 2020

Only grievance so far (had it one week or less at this writing) is that the cable was too short at about 3', needed about 10' in total as I am using it exclusively for TV; unsure why they make such short cords, one can always roll up a too long cord, but, in this case, had to buy a cheap extension cord of about $7, about 6', so together it is now about 9', good enough; sounds good as expected of Sennheiser; a little tight on the ears at first, gu... Show More

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very good headphones very clear and comfy

Mar 21, 2020

excellent headphones I do wear them for a long time when djing and I must say that I am very impressed with clear sound with deep bass a d they are feel nice around the ears soft and comfy with most other headphones they do tend to start hurting your ears after a while but these are super would highly recommend to any dj

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Nice Sound Quality

Nov 7, 2019

Very Nice Sounding Headphones and great value and Sound Quality for price. The only thing I would say is they are Closed Back Headphones so can feel like a bit stuffy if you keep them on for long periods of time like for hours but should be ok under normal conditions

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Fantastic sound!

Jan 16, 2020

I'm so glad I chose these headphones. The sound produced is high quality and I will admit to hearing notes I've never been aware of before! Just as importantly they feel sturdy and are comfortable to wear. They are definitely the best I have ever had.

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Sounds GOOD!

Dec 31, 2019

Comfortable, affordable, good sound quality and well made headphones. There is no comparison to his old set, far superior. Main use: using it along side bass trainer for his bass guitar. Very happy with gift.

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Headphones are lightweight and very comfortable.

Jan 12, 2020

I purchased these headphones for my wife who finds in ear headphones uncomfortable to wear. Because they are over ear headphones they reduce outside noise making them ideal for use when air travelling.

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Ear-phones proper are too small

Jan 19, 2020

As above the ear phone speaker are too small for my liking--they sat on my ears, rather than enclosing them. Cannot comment on sound quality, as I never got that far for above reason

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Comfortable and a good sound

Mar 12, 2020

A good purchase for price. Extremely comfortable, chorded and foldable. Just what I wanted

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