Sennheiser Wireless Headphones with Rich & Bold Sound

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones with Rich & Bold Sound



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Made a good choice

Jul 24, 2018

Although they are a little more snug than I'm used to and cause more sweat buildup on foam pads (likely from being a tad too tight), the sound quality is great and like the bass boost control. Battery life during use is great and padding on headband is comfortable. Set up and reconnecting headset with stand to charge is easy. Range seems great, I walk around to kitchen, restroom, and front room, plus I have a two story home and signal carried thru subfloor. Happy with purchase. I mentioned them being snug, but they absolutely do not hurt my ears, they really are comfortable to wear.

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Oct 20, 2016

I use this product constantly, which is nightly, every time I watch TV because my daughter, a musician cannot have any interfering sounds in our apartment. It is a quality product in every way. The head phones are top quality and very comfortable. The clean overall design of the charger and holder of the earphones are singularly attractive and unobtrusive. It is also easy to place the earphones on the recharging stand . The quality of the sound is tops. Altogether I would say this would be your best bet for a WIRELES HEADPHONE SYSTEM.

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Depress the Button

Apr 13, 2016

This is my 3rd headphone, and by far the very best...however, I could not get sound from the tv to the headphones. Called B&H for help, but no help, but did receive the phone number for the vendor. Called, explained the problem and was told to depress the power button on the headset and hold down until the green light appeared. Now I have tv sound and can now hear most of the dialog. Hope this much needed information is passed onto B&H staff.

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Comfortable and Excellent Sound Quality

Apr 15, 2015

Setup is extremely easy - connect the power and connect to the sound source. The sound quality is excellent and it has a reasonable radius of operation. If it looses signal, it simply goes quiet instead of becoming noisey as analog units do. Minor complaint is you need to make sure that the headphones are properly mounted on the base station to ensure battery charging. Just make sure the charging light comes on.

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a decent and affordable wireless headset

Jun 10, 2016

being hard of hearing the nuances listening to drama or accents on TV, this headset is adequate. easy to plug n' play, it is just ok on comfort, but sound accuracy is excellent, controls take getting used to as they are flush mounted so require removal to set volume & turn on/off, otherwise a good investment

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Very Good Product

Apr 17, 2016

Replaced analog 10 year old Sennheiser Headphones. Sound quality is excellent. Range is excellent. You save about $40 for not using fiber optic input on more expensive models. Be sure headphone power supply is plugged into the same power strip that the TV is connected to.

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this product is truly great for the hearing impaired

Jan 18, 2016

My wife and I use this product to be able to hear the TV. Each can adjust it to your needs and you don't have to wear your hearing aids to hear perfectly. They are especially good for watching BBC tv as sometimes the accents of the Brits is hard to understand

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very good sound quality and good reception

Jul 25, 2017

Connected to TV. Use it when we need quiet in the house or when I am doing things away from the TV, but still want to listen to the program

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Great for letters your bunk mate sleep

Aug 19, 2018

This is a terrific solution for allowing one person to listen to TV while the other sleeps.

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Sennheiser Wireless Headphones with Rich & Bold Sound
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