Sennheiser RS165 Wireless Headphones for TV / HiFi - Black

Sennheiser RS165  Wireless Headphones for TV / HiFi - Black

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Too clumsy

Jul 26, 2019

These headphones look good., but that’s about it, they were oversized on the ear pads, the pairing of them was really hard and after a couple of days they did pair but not for long. The sound was intermittent. So really not a good buy for me.

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Jul 12, 2019

My wife is fairly deaf and has great difficulty listening to music , she finds most of it distorted, These headphones she said were really good giving the best reproduction she had heard in a long time. She now uses them whist ironing!

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Really good earphones you forget you have them on

Jul 10, 2019

Really glad I purchased these earphones would highly recommend them considering purchasing another pair for my husband

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Wireless Head Set

Jul 3, 2019

I find that it is very comfy on my head and ears excellent sound and just found out that it has a base sound button. excellent buy.

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Sennheiser hedphones

Jul 1, 2019

If you want the best forget the rest. Sennheiser have done it again. I only by Sennheiser and once again the quality is fantastic. I will continue to be a fan of Sennheiser.

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Quite expensive but very good quality

Jan 10, 2019

Excellent headphones, comfortable, lightweight and stylish. Bought them in the sale, which made them really good value, also had some vouchers which made them even better value!

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Sennheisor headphoned

Jan 3, 2019

Excellent headphones.100% delighted with product. Would highly recommend this product to anybody wanting perfection.

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Jan 2, 2019

Does not connect to a smart tv even with an rca cable .... being returned as they really no good

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Great headphones

Dec 26, 2018

Purchased the headphones as a Christmas Gift for my other half. He loves them and the sound quality is excellent as are the headphones which are very comfortable to wear. Anyway, so glad I purchased them.

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Excellent sound, zero interference.

Nov 25, 2018

I bought these headphones to replace a set of wireless Sennheiser headphones that I had used for over 15 years, the new ones sound great, deep rich sound and no interference, my old ones had started crackling when the rotary volume was turned up, buttons should stop this, the biggest improvement is the digital transmission, no more buzzing when you move your head, dropping signal or the annoying sound of a mobile phone ruining your listening, I would recommend these to anyone and everyone.

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Peace at last

May 11, 2018

The headphones are comfortable to wear with no loss to the sound quality. I like the way the headphones sit nicely on the top of the amplifier when not in use to enable recharging until the next use .A great present to give to your partner who loves to watch /listen to music, with the sound turned up loud! Thank you Sennhesier

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Excellent sound quality.

Feb 7, 2018

Excellent sound quality. Can become uncomfortable after several hours of continuous use. Quality build but a tad too plastic for the price. If your looking for consistency and quality up to 25 metres through walls then these are ideal. I'm very happy with product even if a tad expensive.

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At first they are a bit cumbersome but now ok

Jan 17, 2018

They are a bit bulky. But you will get used to them. Sound quality is brilliant. A bit on the expensive side. But on the whole a good buy.

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Jan 4, 2018

Excellent product. Bought it for my 92 year old father who is profoundly hard of hearing. He was unable to understand what was being said on the TV even when the volume was turned up to full. Now he can understand even foreign accents. Very easy to set up, with an online tutorial to assist. Be aware that you may need to purchase a separate adapter called RCA to audio jack adapter if you want others in the room to hear the sound.

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Good looking headphones

Jan 2, 2018

Love the headphones, so comfy to wear, easy to set up to tv, love the standup charging unit, the headphones are very clear and blocks other sounds out, well worth the money.

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Great help for my husband who is hard of hearing

Dec 29, 2017

I got these for my husband for watching the television as he can't hear very well. He's delighted with them.

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All right

Nov 9, 2017

These headphones work fine but the range is not big, when in the kitchen of a small house the sound starts cutting off.

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Excellent sound quality, very comfortable

Oct 21, 2017

Absolutely fantastic headphones, base boost feature is great, sound quality is stunning, I use this with my games system, it brings out all the sounds and even keeps the treble sound high whilst base boost is active, very comfortable to wear even over long hours of use. Highly recommended

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Worth the price

Oct 17, 2017

These rank highly amongst various online reviews and although a higher price than I would normally pay they ate worth every penny. Very comfortable, great sound and easy to charge.

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Solved the traffic noise problem completely.

Oct 13, 2017

The headphones proved perfect for excluding the annoying traffic noise experienced in the flat.

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My Sennheiser Head Phones ( RS 165 )

Oct 11, 2017

What a fantastic unit , easy to set up, very comfortable to wear, very stylish,,& the best of all no interference when listening, I would highly recommend these Head Phones.

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Great quality

Sep 26, 2017

It was a gift for my partner. He was very happy. Sound is clear, headphones looks great. Highly recommended

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Excellent product but missing essential connector

Jan 16, 2017

Excellent product, used by my mother for listening to the TV, and she is delighted with them. But absolutely exasperating that the box does not contain the RCA cable essential for connecting them correctly to the TV. (Deliberately so but not mentioned anywhere on the outside of the box.) It caused a great deal of inconvenience and disappointment on the day I collected them for her.

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solves the deaf TV problem

Jan 13, 2017

Excellent solution to listening to TV without shouting out the room. Perhaps a little heavy but I can wander around much of the downstairs and still hear what is going on. Great!

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Sennheiser RS165 Wireless Headphones for TV / HiFi - Black
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