Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick



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high quality

May 12, 2019

Highly Recommend this phone and Company keep up the good work will order more items, from this Company

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perfect for flight simulator

Apr 10, 2019

received product with no problems in perfect condition. Works great with flight simulator programs on my PC. highly recommend if you need a joy stick.

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Great Budget Priced Flightstick

Feb 5, 2019

I purchased the 3D Pro for LockOn Modern Air Combat and DCS World and it worked great right the box. Military aircraft have a lot of functions and the programmable buttons were easily key binded to their particular assignments. The stick is sensitive and accurate and the twist handle replaces the rudder operations. Great.

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A really good joystick at a great price.

Jun 5, 2014

I purchased this joystick as a replacement for another of the same type, which I've been using for about the past ten years. (The twist handle function wore out after much use.) The great thing about these is that they require no additional software to use. Just plug it in and all the functions work, without any problems, using Windows XP Pro. At this point, I wouldn't purchase anything else.

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this one is great

Mar 22, 2014

I bought this one to replace one that I worn out I love to use this playing Terra Battle For The Outlands

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Excellent value

Feb 6, 2014

I'm using this for Microsoft Flight Simulator and it's a pretty good substitute for full-on yoke and rudder pedals. Worked perfectly right out of the box.

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works well

Jan 28, 2014

I use the 3D Pro for my Silent Wings soaring simulator on my Mac. It works very well, right out of the box! My only wishes are that it was a little more compact, with a smaller footprint, that it was simpler (less buttons) and that the grip was less form fitting. Using this joystick for soaring, I will never use the additional buttons or trigger. Also, I'd prefer a less 'fitted' grip (more like a sailplane stick). All in all, this is a very good product for the $!

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Only the best from B and h, of course

Jan 7, 2014

After much research we found that this was the best rated joystick in our price range. B&H has always carried the best stuff so that clinched it. So far so good for the flight simulator. Perfect! Turns out it can map to other games and programs providing endless possibilities. The best joystick I have ever used in my 46 years.

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Alot of Bang for the Buck

Jul 9, 2012

I use this product for War Gaming's game called War of Warplanes, and also for Mech Warrior Online, what i love about this joystick is unlike others that you need to put a CD rom in to calabrate it, this one you dont, You plug it in and go, Its stiff as can be and great all around. Things i dont like about it, Wish it had a few more buttons thats it.

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A Good Economical Joystick

Jun 27, 2012

I needed a new stick for playing Aces High. This seemed to have all the necessities at a very affordable price so I ordered one. I've used it a bit over a week now and am pretty happy with it. Having twelve buttons is great as my last stick- costing even more- only had six. Set up was as easy as plugging it into a usb port, then calibrating it for Windows and my game. That's it. I was ready to play. The only thing left to do was to figure how to ... Show More

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I bought this 4 years ago

Mar 22, 2012

Still going strong in Battlefield 3 - This is the best joystick on the market hands down. I was browsing BH for nice accessories and saw this. I had to stop and write a review, it's that good. Grip feels great, fingers never get numb, so many buttons and all the software bugs have been worked out. You simply can not beat the deal for this price. This is conjecture but this joystick is probably why there aren't many other comparable options out there, Logitech did too well with this one and I'm sure even they are regretting it, because why would you upgrade? You can't improve perfection.

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Good joystick

Dec 9, 2011

After my son discovered X-plane, using the keyboard was very unpractical. So we decided to buy a joystick. After researching the possibilities (it has to be Mac compatible) and prices we decided to go for this one. It needs no driver for the Mac, plug and play USB. Handling is great, it's easy to assign specific tasks to the various buttons on the stick. My son (9 years) is very enthusiastic about this piece of hardware.

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Good Replacement

Nov 26, 2011

I bought this joystick to replace my ailing Saitek and I am completely satisfied. It's a no brainer to set up and works great with flight simulator.

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Well designed gear

Nov 15, 2011

Logitech's design for the joystick is excellent. Also the software that comes with it is very good. I am using it with MS flight simulator and the software immediately found the program and I was ready to go. The instructions get you going with ease right out of the box .

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It is a JOY of a Stick

Mar 14, 2011

I am an old timer using my computer for games. My new dog eat my old Joystick so I needed a new one. This unit has proven to be a great addtion to my computer gaming. All the axis work great unlike my old unit. I should thank my dog this unit is much better then my last unit.

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Great feel and response

Dec 19, 2010

This joystick is fantastic for the Mac. It as a great weight and solid feel. The play of the stick is great - very specific and responsive. It installed instantly and I was playing as soon as X-Plane booted up!

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Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick
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