Logitech H150 Stereo PC Headset - Blue

Logitech H150 Stereo PC Headset - Blue



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Didn't know what to expect.

Jan 22, 2015

These were bought for my son to record his voice whilst recording Xbox 360 gameplay. The headset is plugged into the laptop that records this. The headset is not a USB connected one as stated. There are two jacks- one for the microphone and one for the headset speakers. No issues so far and we have had them around 4 weeks and they haven' been destroyed by a 7 and 9 year old fighting over them, so they are quite durable. There is an in-line controller for volume and turning the mic off.

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Oct 17, 2017

I did my research and was undecided between some expensive posh headsets and these. For the price, I decided to give these a try and WOW! They are fantastic value for money. The only gripe I have is that my family say that it looks like I have kids headphones on. Really dont care what they look like.....they perform great!

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Good value for money headset

Jul 10, 2018

Bought this for my 7 year old son to use with his Nintendo switch. He's very happy with it and it's small enough for a child's head with adjustment to suit an adult. PLEASE note the headset comes with a dual 3.5mm Jack plug, which I didn't pick up from the product details. Easily solved though with a adapter for 2 quid.

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Advertised as USB, but box states they are analog.

Nov 21, 2014

The item description said they are USB but when I collected them in store the box said it was an analog connection. I did not open this to check them as I did not know if it would effect getting a refund, the cashier was unwilling to open them either so I got a refund. They could be USB but mislabled on the box.

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Absolutely atrocious

Oct 17, 2017

Absolutely ridiculous, picked it up in store from the desription stating a USB connection. Get it home when I need to use it and it only has analogue. Disgusted by the incorrect description as my brand new laptop obviously does not have analogue input as it is outdated.

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poor sound quality

Aug 7, 2014

I actually returned this headset for a full refund after finding it very bad value, sound quality muffled. No quibbles about refund, bought a more expensive pair which doesnt have the sponge covers over the holes in the earphones. Not reccomended at all. :-(

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Not a USB Headset

Feb 19, 2016

I bought this headset because I needed a headset plus microphone with a USB jack for an online course I was taking, and Argos advertised this headset as having a USB output, but it doesn't, so I couldn't use it. I returned it shortly.

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Extremely Clear!

Jan 15, 2014

These are well worth getting, as they are extremely clear-sounding, light & comfortable! They work well with my laptop, after it's built-in microphone packed-up. Just plug them in & off you go, as there's no discs to install!

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Great headset crystal clear sound

Mar 13, 2014

Was a bit dubious about buying this but can honestly say they are great and well worth the money. Crystal clear sound and the mic pick up great I used these for learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone.

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Better than expected

Oct 17, 2017

To be honest, for the price, I didn't expect great sound quality. I am happy to say they are much better than expected. I use these for online gaming and the sound quality is great.

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Look good but had to return

Jan 2, 2015

Headset looks great nice design good colour - a bit different. Had to return before trying as when I reserved online it said they were with USB connection which is incorrect!

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functions well

May 9, 2018

so great bit of kit but would have been brilliant if it had adaptersupplied to make it a one pin for when u r are on phone or just listening to music etc

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Love them

Dec 26, 2018

Bought these to replace my old ones.. and loved them.. if you are looking for a lightweight , comfy set of headphones you cant go wrong with these :))

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Aug 23, 2014

The microphone picks up barely any sound and is way too short however that said they're great for the price if you don't require the mic as much

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It's OK

Jul 3, 2014

It works well , the microphone is clear but you need to remember there is a volume control to turn up for the headphones ! I am satisfied .

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Jan 8, 2019

I was replacing like for like, so I knew what to expect from this headset. Comfortable when wearing and do the job they were bought for.

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my earphones are excellent for my son

Aug 19, 2016

Bought these earphones for my son so he could talk on Skype with his older brother. Really pleased would recommend to friends.

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Logitech Headset

Mar 18, 2014

Excellent value for money. They are a good weight good clarity on the phones and the speech is clear through the microphone.

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Great product

Oct 10, 2014

Bought this to attend online tutorials required for tidy with the Open University. Sound quality is great. Would recommend!

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I can hear clearly now

Jun 15, 2016

These headphones are brilliant. Great sound quality, love the design. Haven't used the microphone yet Love the colour too.

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Fits my grandsons head to a T..

Jun 26, 2018

Good looking item, which is what my grandsonwanted. The review was written, at his dictation, give or take a word or two!!

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not USB like it says!

Oct 17, 2017

Took these back for refund as they were wrongly advertised. They are not USB connection like it states in description.

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Absolutely great. Especially for the price. Comfy!

Dec 1, 2019

The sound is fine and they are suprisingly comfortable. I was more than happy especially at the price I paid for them

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Jan 1, 2015

Bought for son for PC gaming, sound is very good, but mic is screetchy,so he's been told by on line gaming pals.

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