COWON Plenue D High-Resolution Audio Player (32GB, Gold/Black)

COWON Plenue D High-Resolution Audio Player (32GB, Gold/Black)



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Great sound, amazing battery life.

May 20, 2019

Ive used this for 5 months now but just recently came back from a week long trip in the outback. Despite hours of use the battery still shows a full charge. Sound is amazing and it is so simple to use. A simple one cable connection to the AUX input in the stereos in my RV and Jeep and its good to go. Only caveats...I am old, clumsy and half blind. This thing is so tiny I have trouble seeing the screen display (artist/title) and manipulating the buttons. But thats on me, not the music player.

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Sounds good but not worth it

Jan 19, 2019

The pros off the bat: 1. Sounds great 2. Looks good 3. Long battery 4. Cheap compared to other music players The cons: 1. The UI is laggy. Not a lot and it can be overlooked but it may annoy people 2. Updating your files through the PC makes this thing auto power off which is annoying 3. Playlist support is awful. You cannot create a playlist from the player. Just add songs (individually, not in bulk) to favorites, which you cant manually sort.... Show More

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Excellent Quality at a great price

Dec 30, 2018

My wife was looking for an audiophile quality player, but did not want to break the bank. After months of research, we decided on this model, because we thought that it was the best for the money. I bought it for her as a Christmas gift, and it devoured in spades. The quality of the sound was incredible, especially with audiophile quality FLAC files. It was easy to use and setup and to get the files onto the player. We are a Mac household and ha... Show More

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Sound is great, hardware is lousy!

Sep 30, 2018

Bought the first one week ago. Smart enough I checked it out being still in the shop. Turned out the SD card slot was defect (player couldn't read any SD card at all). Changed it for another one. Now, after one week, it seems the micro USB slot is already damaged (firmware is up to date, tried several computers - with windows 7 and 10 and several USB cables - nothing!!). Two out of two is how many percent.....? B&H shouldn't ruin it's reputation with such flimsy merchandise!

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So far so good

Aug 22, 2018

I have only had this for two weeks. It is working great. 32GB is a lot of music. I use it everyday for about 2 hours and have not had to recharge it yet. The touch screen works good. You can set it to turn off or on the touch screen and side buttons while you are listening with the touch of just one button. That way if you bump it nothing happens. The sound is very good. You have to use the cable that came with the Plenue or your computer will no... Show More

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Great audio quality but inferior user interaction experience

May 22, 2018

I bought it for its sound quality and user control over the sound settings and effects. In that regard, I was not disappointed. The audio quality is excellent. I play it mainly in-house connected to my Sony speakers via A Sony STR-DN1080 AVR. Using volume settings of about 75% on both the Plenue D and the AVR, the speakers are loud enough for a large room. The battery is outstanding. The charge lasts tens of hours depending on the volume and soun... Show More

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Good sound, pretty cute

Dec 27, 2017

this fits in your hand and is much smaller than it looks in pictures. You may have problem preparing the SD card, I was using 32GB but only able to use it after following specific formatting steps. (windows format did not work). Look up the google. Other than that I'm happy with it. Oh, yeah no bluetooth options either.

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COWON Plenue D is great

Dec 13, 2017

I have owned other cowon products before and I bought this one for my wife, I have to say the sound is really nice, the battery has a very long life , the gui is good enough for a small device and able to use 128 sd card. For such a small device it is a beast with a large about of filters to get just the right sound. Solid built and it doesn't hurt the wallet.

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Incredible sound. EQ Recipe included. Can't go wrong.

Nov 7, 2017

Recommendation: Plenue D with Sennheiser HD650's and FiiO A5 amplifier. I've had my Plenue D for a few months now. Love it with the Edifier H180's. Eventually got an appetite for Sennheiser HD650's and learned that I truly needed an amp. Got the FiiO A5. Great choice. The quandry.. while to my taste, without any amp, my favorite sound EQ preset on the Plenue D, was Headphone.. WITH an amp and better headphones, the Preset EQ's needed mods. So.. I... Show More

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Little player that can deliver a big system's audio quality.

Oct 29, 2017

I bought this audio player based on my positive experience with a Cowon A3 media player that has been working really well for many years. The A3 can play many audio and video file types. However, it's a few generations old in terms of audio fidelity so I decided to get a new player for my frequent long flights where I use a noise canceling headphone to turn the exterior world off. The Plenue D maintains Cowon's tradition to deliver high quality p... Show More

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Nifty little machine!!!

Sep 7, 2017

I wanted something that would handle Hi Res formats at a reasonable price and this one fits the bill. Transferring files is a breeze but navigation is a bit vague and the manual not at all helpful. I still haven't worked out how to disable the manual controls. Sound is very nice and overall I'm pleased with the purchase.

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Third Cowon Player--Still The Best Sounding Players!

Jul 11, 2017

While I still have two other Cowon players (D2 and S9) and have been very pleased with both, I decided to purchase the Plenue D as it can play all types of Hi-Res audio files. What is unique about the Plenue D is that it does just one thing and does it exceptionally music with outstanding sound. There is not a picture viewer or video player is strictly a very high quality portable music player. Just like my other Cowon ... Show More

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COWON Plenue D High-Resolution Audio Player (32GB, Gold/Black)
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