Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
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I'm hearing sounds I couldn't hear before!!!

Oct 2, 2014

I purchased these headphones after I heard a sound engineer recommending it in an audio course. Before these headphones I had invested only in cheap, poor quality headphones that cost around $10-50. I thought I could hear most things with those kinds of headphones although with a weaker bass. When I put these on and I listened to some of my favorite music, I started to hear sounds I had never heard before. I even listened to the audio c... Show More

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Hardest working headphones in the biz

Jan 9, 2014

I received: Headphones with attached coily cable 1/8 to 1/4 jack adapter Soft (faux?) leather pouch At this price, you WILL NOT be getting the absolute best. The absolute best headphones will cost you thousands of dollars. But these headphones are widely used in the recording industry and have created thousands of recordings. That is a strong testimonial in itself. I use these headphones to predominantly listen to popular music from the 60s and 7... Show More

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Great for the Studio

Mar 21, 2018

I bought these after much reading and finding out they've become something of a standard for monitoring and indeed apparently famous producer Andrew Scheps admits to even mixing with them. For me I wanted something a little higher quality for monitoring and rough mixes (late at night :-)). I have had several pairs of Senheiser HD201's and I love them. Such good value for money, but I thought I could get a slightly better sound. I tried vario... Show More

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Great field headphones

Jan 18, 2011

Great headphones! I've used them professionally for over 8 years now. When I needed to purchase my own, I didn't hesitate to order these. For the price they are as good as you can get but I haven't used a lot of others. Before then we used the Koss Pro4AA as well as some other cheaper ones when the Koss would meet an unfortunate end. Finally, I switched to the MDR7606. It has a great frequency response range. Primarily, I record voice work in the... Show More

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So comfortable!

Nov 26, 2012

My biggest pet peeve about headphones is when they are uncomfortable. I would experience headaches in the past whenever headphones were too tight on my head/ears, and they were not adjustable. These headphones don't give that discomfort at all! I love how I'm able to adjust each ear piece to my liking/fitting of my head. When I put these on, I feel they are so comfy and they minimize the sound of my surroundings, which cause me to feel like I can... Show More

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Just great! (wish they will live long)

Mar 3, 2014

I got MDR-7506 as a replacement for my Sony MDR-V600, that I've had since 2008. To go back - a little history about experience with Sony. My MDR-V600 broke after 2 years(one ear stop working), where Sony didn't even want to be paid to fix it and said to me: It's not fixable due to design. After that call, I've decided - never again I will go with Sony for headphones . Surprisingly, my dad was able to put it apart and was able to fix it with coupl... Show More

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Audio Luxury for Less Than Luxury Prices

Nov 29, 2013

These are excellent sounding headphones. The sound quality is crisp and clear and they have rich bass. I can hear some subtleties I couldn't with other headphones. These headphones are meant to produce accurate sounds and don't overly enhance any particular sound aspect. It is a nicely balanced sound. These headphones seem quite durable and made with some pretty strong materials. They look sharp with the Professional sticker and reflective silver... Show More

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Loving these headphones!

Jan 17, 2012

After dealing with some of the more stylish headphone brands that ended up sounding ok but falling apart fairly quickly, I decided to spend a bit more and give the MDR-7506's a go based on the hundreds of glowing reviews here and elsewhere. I've had them for a couple weeks now and love them, these are by far the best headphones I have ever owned. Everything sounds crisp and clean, there's a decent amount of bass, but it's not overemphasized. I'm ... Show More

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Best in Price Class

Dec 1, 2013

I purchased this as a gift for someone who, though they are themselves not a trained listener, enjoys music and needs something that is appropriate for hobby level recording. Their appearance is dated, their comfort just ok, and their spiral cord is annoying. That said, they have the best combination I've found of bandwidth, dynamic accuracy, clarity, and sensitivity in their price class by far. In fact, in comparing them against every other head... Show More

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Helps me identify bass lines...quietly!

May 10, 2014

I connect these headphones into a Sony Playstation Vita and listen to songs using the Sony Music Unlimited application. This gives me adequate emphasis of bass to help me determine the notes which are sometimes difficult to hear and decipher. When wanting to play along to the music simultaneously using either guitar or bass, I simply plug MDR-7506 through the headphone port on subwoofer/amp combo or DI box. The Playstation Vita is then connected ... Show More

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Good headphones, way too much packaging

Jan 31, 2020

Everybody knows these headphones; they're a standard in the film and audio industry. They emphasize midrange detail and are fairly clinical, though somewhat lacking in bass. Sort of like the legendary Yamaha NS10 studio monitors. These are a standard everyone knows that are good at revealing detail in applications like field recording. Honestly, my Audio Technica ATH-M40x headphones sound better, with better bass and overall flatter response, but... Show More

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Sony MDR-7506 has it all... Just right.

Jul 7, 2016

Excellent frequency response at all volume levels. The lows are so much cleaner sounding with these headphones they blow away all other speakers in my house (including the Bose). The highs are crisp with just the right amount of brightness complementing the solid mid-range. Sony MDR-7506 headphones bring out every detail in the music usually hidden or muted by cheap headphones with poor frequency response that claim good numbers but fail to deliv... Show More

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Jan 17, 2018

I bought these to use for playing the guitar without waking the entire house, and for that purpose the work very well, although I do most of the time tend to just play completely unplugged if I don't want to did disturb anyone. The sound of these is crisp and clear and they do deserve the label of studio monitors as the sound is indeed very flat and neutral. They are fairly light on the head and breathe fairly well, but they're far from... Show More

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I think I'm in love...

Dec 6, 2011

My boyfriend got me these headphones for my birthday after he had recommended them to me months prior. I had been looking for a pair that would a) block out outside noise b) be easy to travel with c) not break the bank and lastly but most importantly, d) deliver exceptional sound quality. These headphones tick all boxes! I can wear them without playing music to block out annoyances but not be completely deaf while running around downtown. They fo... Show More

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Solid Performer

Mar 13, 2013

I use these headphones for editing/monitoring video recordings and they work great. I hear more of what I'm capturing, and they have decent passive noise canceling with the design of the ear pads. I've used these traveling on airplanes and such, and I must say watching a movie on my iPad with these plugged in are pretty nice for the price. As far as performance I love the amount of lows you can get out of these. Of course I've used other headphon... Show More

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Long Term Love Affair

Jan 31, 2012

I've had these cans for about 7 years now, and they still amaze me with the quality of the sound they produce. I bought them on the recommendation of a friend who is a professional broadcaster. I use them for casual listening, audio editing, and hearing protection. The sound is accurate and isn't colored at the high and low ends. The clarity is good for critical listening when editing recordings. They are comfortable and I can wear them all day w... Show More

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It's OK but not as good as the MDR-V6

Sep 7, 2013

I have an MDR-V6 that I use a few hours a day in the past 3 or so years. I've ordered the MDR-7506 because I needed another set for work as well. I was debating whether I should get a V6 or 7506. Some people said they are the same (audio quality), some said there's a difference but not many will hear it. So finally I went with the 7506. I am not an audio production guy, I don't even work with audio. I just listen to music and use it to watch movi... Show More

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The Best Remains The Best

Feb 1, 2012

I am a pro musician and music composer with EMMY awards....that doesn't translate into dollars all the time, so when I first purchased the slightly economical MDR-7506 cans, (for the same price 20 years ago, how many things can you say that about?!) I was actually unaware of how good they would be for mixing original music...very balanced as far as EQ goes, and not unnatural at all. I also prefer to mix in-ear, as all environments are different a... Show More

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Simply, there's nothing better!

Jan 15, 2013

Cannot write enough great things about these headphones! I've been in radio, on-the-air since the 1970s. The MDR-7506, to my ears, are unmatched, and I've gone thru DOZENS of other headphone models. As a radio pro, I wear my phones several hours daily and they do get slightly abused in the studio once in awhile... so this will be my 4th pair of MDR-7506's. (Previous pairs of phones were only replaced due to excessive amplification; I blew 'em). W... Show More

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A reliable product I would buy again

Mar 29, 2011

I use the MDR-7506 to monitor live recording of music with a Marantz CDR310 Pro portable recorder. The music source is usually acoustic with vocal, and instruments range from violins to double bass. I use the phones for subsequent editing and production of a master stereo disc. Compared to the Sennheiser HD280's I also use, which are more comfortable and block more background noise, the 7506's render a more accurate and natural, full-frequency so... Show More

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Great headphones

Nov 29, 2011

I've been using this product for about two weeks, mainly on my laptop and on portable media players; they sound even better with my Fiio E6 portable headphone amplifier (less than $30). I find the sound not too bright but rather neutral, I think they sound great and seem very durable, except for the earpads, but obviously that's minor. They are hard to beat for the price, especially with the overpriced gadgets that are invading the market nowaday... Show More

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Not the right headphones for my useage

Jan 17, 2017

In my research, I read where these were legendary studio headphones. However, I need them for videos in a noisy atmosphere like interviewing people at noisy high school reunions, wedding receptions, etc., and need to block out the extraneous noise. So it was really my mistake that these were the incorrect headphones for my application. I was just too dumb to know I needed a noise cancellation headphone. Thanks to the B&H technical audio guru, he ... Show More

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Best headphones I've ever had!

Dec 15, 2019

I've previously purchased the MDR-V6 Pro Studio Monitor headphones when I used to work at the Sony store in Santa Clara, but they eventually wore out, so I had to find a new pair, and I came to the conclusion to purchase the next version up in the MDR studio monitor style and came to the MDR-7506. When I was looking around for the best deal, I came to B&H Photo Video that I remembered our computer tech would always recommend for price matching an... Show More

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MDR-7506 Sony Headphones for recording

Sep 12, 2010

I use them for hours on end recording tracks and mixing. They are comfortable and sound very good - decent bass, mids and highs - very good articulation. The design is very effective at blocking outside noise. They are a bit bulky and you will feel the weight of them which can get a bit tiring after several hours - and you'll sweat in them if the room isn't chilled to nomal recording studio temperature. I've been using these headphones for years ... Show More

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