DT 770 Pro 80 ohm Closed over-ear reference headphones for professional sound while recording or on the go Bass reflex for improved bass res

DT 770 Pro 80 ohm Closed over-ear reference headphones for professional sound while recording or on the go Bass reflex for improved bass res



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Sep 11, 2014

If your like me and search for a pair to totally furfill your satisfaction. These are the ones for you, tick all boxes even price, to be honest they should be dearer due to others in and under it's league which are far too overpriced. If your an all rounder like me who wants the best for the studio, best for mixing and best for listen to hard bass tracks. These headphones are your boys. If at that I am still picky that it don't have modern c... Show More

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Excellent headphones for studio and live use

Jun 6, 2013

While the iconic Beyerdynamic DT100s may be a true industry standard, the 770s are certainly a step up and worthy of consideration for both studio and live use. I wouldn't say the sound is entirely neutral but it is certainly very good for the price. Construction wise these are up to the usual Beyer standards, with a very solid headband and cable attachment. One point I should make though is that is is certainly worth swapping the cable from t... Show More

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Used them for a few weeks now, love them.

Aug 23, 2019

Firstly, a little bit of background here - my previous cheap headphones broke a while ago so I thought it was finally time for me to buy a decent pair of headphones. I decided to go with these ones due to the praise they get online, and as soon I started using them I realized that they deserve every bit of praise that they get. Sound 10/10 - I listen to a variety of genres, from techno to classical and these headphones are amazing at deliver... Show More

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Good Headphone for many applications

Feb 19, 2014

Hello, as I was looking for an allround headphone, I thought as a student, it would be the best to spend my money for one good headphone, rather than to buy a few ones for different occasions. I checked different headphones and reviews and in the end bought the Beyerdynamic. To make it short, it was the right choice and I'm using them for about 1 1/2 year now. My thought about what field of application the headphone would be used, were the ... Show More

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Great sound and quality

Dec 19, 2017

I use these headphones mostly in studio, but also for music listening. SOUND: Overall very clear sound with wide stereo image. I find them especially good for rough mixes because of the wide stereo image. Bass is clear and tight, no mud and mush in the low end, which is exceptional at this price level. Mids are well defined and clear. Highs are very nice, but kind of soft, so you will want to take that into consideration while mixing. Most o... Show More

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Nice headphones, the best ones in the price range

Apr 29, 2018

I use the headphones mainly for music production at my home studio and sometimes while traveling. The headphones are really nice, the quality is really good they have a nice low end that has no kind of conflict with the other frequencies which is a common problem with some other headphones that are in the same price range, this is really nice at the moment of mixing or mastering a song. However, I noticed that when I use the headphones with a sma... Show More

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Amazing headphones!

Sep 4, 2019

I use them only for listening to the music. Mainly pop, rock and classical music. I connect them either to a PC (Asus Strix Z370 main board with integrated Realtek ALC1220 sound card) or an old Sansui Solid State 5000x amplifier. The power of the integrated main board pre-amp drives them effortlessly. I use the MS Windows drivers. Sounds much better than with the Asus drivers, which lack the lowest bass range and sound annoying. To me, the DT 770... Show More

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Happy Lengthy Use!

Oct 7, 2018

Use it for critical listening or mixing or tracking; the DT-770 will do the job. The sound quality is superb and the drivers can do justice to the whole freq spectrum. Bass response is tight without any major bumps or colouring. Really easy to get accustomed to their sound signature, to say the least. Highs are clear and defined. The stereo image is clear and detailed. For tracking purposes their isolation is also of high quality, with ... Show More

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Top sound, comfort and build.

May 26, 2018

I bought these after hearng good stuff about them, considering the price range and what I was after. I use them to monitor when I play guitar (throught the amp) and for general music listening. Unlike previous headphones I used to monitor, the sound is practically the same as what comes out of my amp, hardly any difference. That is was I was looking for. It does need a spike in volume but that typical for these kind of headphones. The build qua... Show More

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Very happy with these cans

Nov 15, 2013

I've had these headphones for three years now, and I'm very pleased with them. I'm a gigging musician (drums and percussion) and software developer. I often wear these for long periods of time (3+ hours) when I'm sitting with the computer, and I find them very comfortable. At gigs, I use these to check what is going on at each channel. I've also played some gigs to a click track, and listened to the click through these cans. In this situation,... Show More

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Amazing Headphones

Sep 19, 2013

When I came to buy headphones for mixing and monitoring I went for the Beyer DT770's over other models based on reviews I'd read. It turned out to be a great choice as these phones are simply amazing. Firstly the sound quality is superb and I love creating tracks and listening to music with them on. They give a really detailed sound across the whole frequency range. I've done a lot of first draft mixes on them which are surprisingly accurate ... Show More

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2 years of use, and so good, so far!

Jul 24, 2016

I'm always very relutant when it comes to producing with headphones, however I can trust my mixing decisions on the Dt-770, as they have helped me countless times so far. They have a clean and true sound, which will help you to uncover any small detail that you might missed using audio monitors, they also have a very stable low-end freq response which, as most of you might know, is hard to get when it comes to headphones. I normally use headp... Show More

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I'm satisfied.

Nov 9, 2014

My personal experience for your reference Hi, my name is Oskar. I'm not a professional of any kind when thomann it comes to audio production and everything I do around music and video is only a hoby for me. I do, however, spend alot of time around professionals in different kind of studios and with different kind of equipment so I know the difference between good and bad thomann stuff, on an amature level, at least. Working in an someti... Show More

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Expensive mistake

Jul 4, 2014

My DT-770 Pro sounded superb initially but after a short while the left earphone failed (through Google I find I am not alone in having this problem). I sent the set off for repair and after 3 weeks I received the set back. Although the set worked on first use the problem returned the second time I tried to use the 770's. Once again I sent them off for repair and once again they failed shortly after I got them back. I asked Beyerdynamic why the p... Show More

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Excellent reference headphones

Feb 19, 2019

DT770s are my personal benchmark for reference/studio headphones, and they're definitely my favourites in this price range. I find them a little clinical for casual listening, and the passive noise isolation is just OK, but for detailed listening (e.g. mix reviewing) in quieter environments they're excellent. I've also enjoyed using them for film editing and video games. Very comfortable for extended sessions and the long cable is a nic... Show More

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My 2. Place

Jan 23, 2017

Hi, I've used this headphones in my home studio and also i have Audio Technica Ath-m50x too. I've listened many styles of music with these headphones. ?n my opinion Audio Technica is warmer, clearer and has better sounding for mix usage. For any other applications usage, Audio Technica is louder than Beyerdynamic. I've compared these two for impedence, frequence response, comfortibility and I've tried to seek true sound for mixing. For just m... Show More

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First Impression

Jun 19, 2015

Goot them today first thing I noticed : Build quality - amazing. Sound - woah... eargasm after eargasm, I'm a basshead and listened to Bring Me the Horizon - Septimental album.... Hospital for souls was something amazing. Electronic music like dubstep, drum and base, trance, house, etc. also sounds good, not too heavy on base, you can clearly hear different low frequencies and they don't interfere with other. They sit very well on the head, a bit... Show More

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Very comfortable cans

Nov 2, 2014

These cans are amazingly comfortable, and have a huge sound. They do need a beefy headphone amplifier to successfully drive them at a loud level, but any mixing desks headphone out should be more than suitable, an iPod struggles a little. They are a trifle bass heavy, which is very enjoyable while listening back to mp3s or listening to components during a mix, but they do lead to slightly bass light mixes when translating to other listening ... Show More

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Incredible Headphones

Aug 15, 2014

I purchased these recently. Packaging was a bit cumbersome and did seem cheap for this type of product, but I finally got to the phones. First listen was incredible delicacy when required, power in masses with no compromise, and I got a bit bolder and pushed the cans a bit more, then unfortunately, my left speaker crackled with distortion. I'm not sure if they were reaching the max of their operational ability or if it's actually a fault. But ... Show More

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a great purchase

Jan 28, 2019

Quality: I have had these for years now and they are bulletproof. I have traveled with them and used them every single day for years on end and they still look brand new. These are made from leather, metal and thick hard plastic and a hard wearing yet soft material for the cushions. Comfort: They are very light with thick cushions and offer a lot of adjustability. Sound: Because these are 80Ohms i have had zero issues with driving the... Show More

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High-fidelity with some head pressure

Jun 1, 2019

After about a year of daily use (also in commuting – with the case) my headset works perfectly. The sound is excellent when I listen to music via soundcard phone output, but delivers a lesser performance when used with a mobile phone. When listening to music with a phone, the left driver developed a rattling noise at higher amplitudes, but the phenomenon never happens with the soundcard. I've decided to invest in a smaller footprint hea... Show More

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Superb high quality headphones

Dec 18, 2018

I absolutely love these headphones as they are very comfortable and have amazing sound quality. I'm using these on daily basis for quite some time already for practicing my guitar (acoustic and electric) and I have used these also for studio recordings. They perform very well in all terms. Very clear and balanced sound in my opinion. These are highly recommended to any musician who needs high quality and durable headphones. I can not find any con... Show More

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Not Bad Headphones for studio monitoring

Feb 24, 2015

I have a set of DT-880's as well as these DT-770's for studio desk monitoring use. Personally I like the 880's better as the build quality seems a bit better and the sound although similar I prefer the 880 for too. However, the DT-770 are a great buy for the price - I've tried many other brands of headphones especially for monitoring but the Beyer always seem to come out on top. You can use them for extended periods in the mixing process (I do) and the results always sound great (so the bands say) after. Rated DT-770 at 8 out of 10 tonymckenzie.com

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Good for lower frequencies

Jan 18, 2016

I got these to double check how the low end was sitting for post production SFX tracklay. With a good headphone amp, these headphones really translate well to main monitors. My only gripe is that they became quite loose on the head after 1 year of intense use which makes them less comfortable and not as isolated - compared to my sennheisser HD25s, sennheisser have a better build quality. However, for this price and for how good they sound and translate, I would recommend for post production.

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